89 out of 100
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Selected Press for Catch-22

  • “This little diamond is perhaps the discovery of the year”
    iReviewT.com, ireviewt.com Read more
  • “I love little games like this”
    Mark Serrels, kotaku.com.au Read more
  • “It’s genius”
    Scott Emslie, robotgeek.co.uk Read more
  • “Catch-22 is one of the most intriguing and infectiously fun games to hit iOS in quite some time”
    Blake Grundman, 148apps.com Read more
  • “This little gem is a must for lovers of innovative and addictive games”
    jbogjuan, jeuxvideo.com Read more
  • “arcade iOS gaming at its very best”
    pocketgamer.co.uk Read more
  • “it may be one of the most brilliant titles we’ve seen in a while”
    Brad Hilderbrand, gamezebo.com Read more
  • “Catch-22 has me mesmerized”
    Eli Cymet, gamezebo.com Read more
  • “they will never be able to pull themselves away from this game”
    Chris Priestman, indiegamemag.com Read more
  • “just one more try”
    Andy Nicolaides, appadvice.com Read more
  • “one of the titles you’ll definitely want to grab”
    Charles Ferrendelli, mobile.indiegamemag.com Read more
  • “A perfect pick-up-and-play game”
    Sean Booker, comicbookbin.com Read more
  • “surprisingly addictive”
    Juli Clover, appadvice.com Read more
  • “Then, suddenly, Catch-22 becomes brilliant”
    Scott Nichols, digitalspy.com Read more
  • “A time waster done right”
    Dave Flodine (AppSpy.com), appspy.com Read more
  • “Paradoxically Fun”
    John Polson, toucharcade.com Read more
  • “You can’t go wrong purchasing this one”
    Angie, appsontapp.com Read more

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